Updated: Book written about Winston.

Mark Scott-Nash wrote a book about Winston. It is available on Amazon.com and a print addition will available soon. Forty-Demons: The Final Journey of Winston Branko Churchill

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A note from Shane B.

hi-- i can't figure out how to post to your blog, but wanted to tell you of my brief experience with winston. i met him and townsend almost a year ago, on 7/29, on the colorado trail. camped near him and a guy named taylor for two nights, south of where the trail crosses 50, north of where it crosses 114. he built enormous campfires in the morning and the evening, and kept mainly to himself, though i did hike with him and a very tired townsend for an hour or so on 7/30 until we reached baldy lake. t was down to three booties and would stop on the trail until winston cajoled her into continuing. he told me that he had been in the creative writing program in boulder. i was kiddingly lamenting my unwashed state, so he shared a few drops of the aveda rainforest oil he carried with him. for some reason, i imagined sending him mail drops, and have a list in my journal of what i'd send him, including dog treats for t, tea bags, and honey packets. the night at baldy lake was fun and chatty for all four of us, it seemed to me (winston, t, me, taylor). i was in class at colorado state last semester, discussing 'into the wild', when my friend whitney told us that her sister's friend had gone missing in the wilderness. she began to describe winston and a very twilight-zone feeling came over me when i realized it was the same guy. i'm so sorry to all of you who were close to him, and who have been so dedicated to finding him. i wanted to share this small experience with you since it was near the end of his communication, and because he was a memorable part of my trip. my condolences. --shane b.

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