Updated: Book written about Winston.

Mark Scott-Nash wrote a book about Winston. It is available on Amazon.com and a print addition will available soon. Forty-Demons: The Final Journey of Winston Branko Churchill

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Informal Memorial Service in Silverton, CO 7/12/09

Posted by Karen H:
We have scheduled a spontaneous and informal memorial gathering (one
of many to come I would imagine) in Silverton for this Sunday, July
12th at 6pm. Winston's Silverton friends and anyone else interested
to join will raise a toast and share remembrances at Montanya, 1332
Blair Street, on the patio, in the shadow of Kendall Mountain. Anyone
is welcome to join. A round of drinks including Winston's favorite
Kaladi coffee, will be provided by the owners of Montanya. Come if
you can.

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