Updated: Book written about Winston.

Mark Scott-Nash wrote a book about Winston. It is available on Amazon.com and a print addition will available soon. Forty-Demons: The Final Journey of Winston Branko Churchill

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Winston!

We wanted to echo what Winston's dad (Winston) wrote on the Google group---a very happy birthday to Winston!!! We continue to keep him in our thoughts and keep our hopes up for his safe return. If you haven't done so already, please check out the Google group posts; there have been some nice notes and some interesting tid-bits (speculation). However, for the most part, there have been no new developments or information over the past week and a half. We know that large game hunting is still going on in those parts of Colorado so we remain hopeful for some information/leads from hunters. Communication remains with citizens of Lake City, CO and we will of course post any information as we receive it. It seems that the easiest and most readily accessible info has been the Google group so please be sure to check there as well. Thanks, everyone! And please keep Winston especially strong in your heart today, on his birthday.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Update- Keeping the energy alive...

Hello all~ First, we'd like to apologize for not posting more recently. We all continue to keep Winston in our thoughts & prayers and remain hopeful for his safe return. Over the past week and a half, the search efforts and flier postings continued with expansive coverage. A huge thanks to Paddy, Christopher, Rob, Jovanka and Dennis for their cross-country trekking and posting. We wanted to give you all a little update on where everything is at in terms of the search effort. Please see the right side of the screen for the updated contacts/flier postings. The biggest thing we can do at this point is to continue to spread the word of Winston's disappearance via word-of-mouth and the fliers. We also know that the big game and rifle hunting season is in full swing in that area of Colorado and the word is out with many hunters, local hunting communities and ATV staging areas and rental facilities. (Special thanks to Patrick A. and Michell from Denver for spreading the word with their hunting friends.) Some of Patrick's friends will be hunting this weekend (for 1 week) in the areas of Ouray and Silverton. Additionally, contact has been made with 2 monasteries near(ish) the Colorado Trail (Tara Mandala and Vajra Vidya Retreat Center), thanks to Travis H. and apparently there have been no sightings of Winston at either of those places near Crestone, CO.

If you have been keeping up to date with the Google group (see link in right-hand column of page), you'll see the e-mail that Jonathan received from Justin Casey, Hinsdale County Deputy Sheriff on 9/27/08 stating that the last confirmed sighting of Winston was on the Crystal Trail that leaves Lake City, CO and goes up to tree line at Crystal Lake. In conversations with Winston this summer, we know that he had spent some time at and around Crystal Lake and was fond of that area. (Perhaps an in-depth search of that trail and area could/should be in order?) Apparently, Winston was last seen half way up that trail. Also, Jovanka had mentioned that a woman who lives on that road (Crystal Lake) remembers seeing Winston bring Townsend (his dog) down (to town) and then saw him go back up the trail without Townsend. Deputy Justin also mentioned that a previous, different sighting from the sheepherder may not have been a reliable source. The coordinates of the Crystal Trail trailhead using WG-S 84 map datum are: N 38 02.601 and W 107 19.180. Jovanka & Dennis have posted fliers at this trailhead and also spoke to a ranchhand there who took the trail on horseback recently (last week.)

At this point, we need to continue to keep the energy and spirit alive. We are looking for further suggestions, if you have any whatsoever. We are also encouraging you all to join/become a member of the Google group so that we can keep everyone's information on-hand and communicate that way as well. We'll post again soon... thanks for everyone's efforts, thoughts, prayers and energy. People have been sharing some very touching stories of Winston as well, and, if you're visiting this blog, Winston has obviously inspired you in some way, also. Keep posted...

The picture is one that Paddy & Christopher took while on their search & posting fliers effort in SW Colorado last week(end.) It certainly is such a beautiful area, especially in autumn.